Yahoo CRASH!

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So I  usually check my emails because i get so many a day or just to be update with new occurring news. Most of the news being completely pointless or a old topic that wont fade away. But lets get back to important stuff, went onto yahoo exactly  at 10:42 saw that it was lagging and i check my my router everything is just fine. I decided to reload the page, looks like the first 5 posts are there like they’re suppose to be, but once i click the arrow ; the nest 5 post wont show and all are white!!! Honestly scratching  my head like (what’s going on?) Around 11:31 everything is back to normal, i would like to say it was me but i cant find how it would just be me.



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Most people nowadays take pictures of anything that they think is important to them and Instagram them. Or these people will post them on Facebook. Most of us, except professional photographers, know what will turn out as a good picture and what will not. This photo is my sister’s eye and I Photoshopped it to the point where if I had done anymore, it would be horrendous. This is what I do on my downtime. I hope you enjoy it.