What is Motor Club Of America?

       I’ll just simply let the pictures explain the most of it.
In case you did not understand the information that was provided on the video I will explain to you how it all works. Motor Club of America offers services such as Road Side Assistance, Legal Representation, Discounts on Travel etc. (these are juts a few). For example, lets say you are driving and your car breaks down, MCA will dispatch a Tow truck to come assist you FREE OF CHARGE. Also if you get pulled over by a police officer and get a traffic ticket , MCA will hire an Attorney to represent you in court FREE OF CHARGE Even though the MCA membership offers many benefits,I know you are here because you want to earn money working home right ?

Now in order to have the MCA benefits and be ELIGIBLE to get paid with MCA you must be an ACTIVE member. To become a member you must invest $39.90. This will cover your MCA membership for 2 MONTHS, then it’s just $20 a month to keep your membership ACTIVE. Would you mind paying a lousy $20 a month when you can easily earn $80-$1000+ each week ? $20 is pocket change. Here comes the BEST PART…… Motor Club of America pays you $80 for every person you invite to the business. In other words, if you have 5 friends and you invite them to join your business by paying their $ 39.90 (membership)you will receive $80 for each friend making that $400. Think about it ? How many people have a Facebook? Millions. Some of our members manage to Refer 10+ people weekly just on Facebook (80 x 10=$800) . 

You can work from home, from your bed, or On-the-Go too! It does not matter, a longest you have internet access. You make your own hours. MCA can be promoted in any social website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Below this paragraph there are pictures of current MCA members who have earned money while working from home and also proof videos for all the skeptical non-believers that think MCA is fake or a scam.

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